Correction projet en Aglais

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Correction projet en Aglais

par Teaky38 » 09 Mai 2014, 15:34

Voula j'ai resumer mon projet pour un oral en anglais, je ne suis pas très forte en Anglais, sa serai donc sympathique si on pouvais me le corriger :)

So, following the conduct of our project and our research on honey, we have realized four manipulations : a Thin Layer Chromatography, a determination of glucose glucose oxidase, a dosage of fructose 3,5 DNS, and a determination the antibacterial activity of honey of a strain of honey streptoques which allowed us to answer has our problem : What are the differences of certification honey ?

TLC aims to find the sugar found in honey thanks to deposits witness, with my friends we wanted to check for the presence of glucose, fructose and maltose. Following the migration of witnesses and components of honey we can evaluate the frontal reports, which is the line between distanste deposit and how far is go online migration. If the report is identical between the witnesses and the components, there is the presence of sugar in honey.
So this manipulation allowed us to confirm that the main honey sugars are glucose and fructose but there is no maltose, and this is the same for all the honey tested, that it be honey handmade, industrial and biological.

The dosage of the glucose by GOD, is colorimetric dosage following an enzymatic reaction. The oxydase which is the enzyme oxidizes the glucose. The intensity of the coloring is proportional to the glucose concentration. It is a necessary to make measure of the absorbance with spectrophotometer. And then by one calculate one find the concentration of glucose in the honey. We can see that industrial honey at a lower glucose concentration that handmade and biological honey. But we also notice that the results obtained are all clearly lower has those to find during our research.

The determination of fructose by 3,5 DNS is a colorimetric dosage. It is necessary to establish one range of calibration with a solution of fructose the concentration of which is known to establish a curve. From the equation of the curve, we can then calculate the concentration in Fructose. Here we can notice that the results are as well lower than the values of us look for. But we observe all the same that the industrial honey is the most concentrated in fructose with 13,5 percent Contrary to the handmade honey and to the biological honey that had one a concentration between 9 and 10 percent.

And finally we have to determine the antibacterial action of honey on a strain of streptococcus, we can this compare the antiseptic effect of honey according to its certification and especially verify if they are it really. We this have to use a agar Mueller Hinton and a blood, which is an environment favorable to the streptococcus. And we drop discs soaked in honey solution at three different concentrations. fear that the concentration be too low, we perform the same test with discs soaked in pure honey. We therefore find that some honey to be his certification have no antispectique effect we just found that when testing with pure mile, the bacterial lawn is less dense.

We can therefore conclude that honey contains glucose and fructose even if the concentration difère a little remains close to chauqe honey. And antiseptic effect of honey remains to be confirmed by repeating the tests.

Voila :) Merci d'avance :)


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